Kedai Makan

Open Monday, Wednesday - Friday 5pm to 11pm

About US

Kedai Makan is a Malaysian inspired restaurant. We some times make traditional dishes, sometimes we don't. Kedai Makan grew from its early days as a food vendor at local farmers markets to its popular food stall, and now a full restaurant offering take out and a full bar on Seattle's Capitol Hill. We do not try to reproduce your moms food, please do not put us in a box, we're a bit unique. We are open Wed-Sat 5-11pm and Sunday 5-10pm. We are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

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Take a SHOT!

Look up! Those jars above our bar are Chinese medicinal infusions that we formulated to help with longevity , strength and stamina, libido, and healing. We infuse primarily corn based liquors (unless otherwise stated) with traditional Chinese herbs like ginseng, wolfberries, ju ju's, fox nut, eucommia bark, Chinese dates, angelica root, longan berries, and more. If you have any questions about our infusions, please ask!


To up the heat, add some of our house made chili ginger (offered on every table) to your dishes. Certain menu items also include sambals specific to that dish, made by hand with a mortar and pestle.

You Asked, We Answered

1.) Do you take reservations? 

We do not take reservations. Our seating is first come first serve and we start a waiting list once the restaurant is full. 

2.) How do I get on the list? 

To make it easier on our diners, we've signed up with NoWait so you can put your name down on our list and monitor your wait time from your phone. Please note that we no longer accept remote check in. You will need to come by in person to get on the list. We encourage you to pass the wait time with a Kedai Sling at our bar or a cocktail at any one of our neighborhood bars. We will text you when your table is ready! 

3.) Do you do take out? 

Yes! We accept take out orders through our take out stand at our restaurant

4.) Do you still offer bottles of your sambal?

We provide bottles of our sambal on a limited basis. In order to ensure freshness and maintain adequate supply, please let us know via a friendly Facebook message if you're interested in purchasing our sambals so we can reserve a little extra for you to pick up at Kedai. 

5.) Do you cater?

We currently only have enough staff to focus on our restaurant operations and are not able to take on catering opportunities at the moment. We greatly appreciate those who have reached out and we hope to be able to cook at your special events soon!

6.) Are you available for interviews, photos, etc? 

For media inquiries, reach out to our PR gal Tiffany at

To contact us directly, please email us at